About Grade A Petroleum

It's About Relationships

For over half a century, Grade A Petroleum has grown as a family business by building relationships and providing excellent products and services. We listen to you, respond to your individual requirements, provide the right level of product you need, and deliver it on time as promised.

When you pick up the phone to call, we're here. So you can talk to our CEO, Thomas J. Comber, Sr., our President, Thomas J. Comber, Jr., or Lisa Marie Clyne, our Financial Manager. We're never too busy to speak with you, hear what you have to say, and respond to your needs. In addition, our professional staff members are trained and experienced in our products and our marketplace. But above all, our team is dedicated to putting our customers first while learning and growing with them.

We conduct seminars for current and potential clients, both in-house and with our suppliers, featuring industry notables from lubricant and coolant firms. Our professional staff members receive on-going training and are specialists in their field. Our field representatives are called "Territory Managers" because they are more than salesmen — they are highly trained lubricant engineers proficient in conducting their assignments while insuring the optimization of your operation.

It's About Products

Grade A Petroleum markets commercial, aviation, industrial and automotive lubricants, diesel fuel, antifreeze, and coolants in New York City's five boroughs, Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, Rockland & Putnam Counties, Southwestern Connecticut, and Northeastern New Jersey. Our major suppliers are Shell, Phillips66, Gulf, Eneos and Peak/Old World Industries. We subscribe to the Visual Supplier Operating System, allowing a high degree of inventory control, efficient "back office operations," and two-way communication with all our customers and trading partners.

Grade A Petroleum purchases our offerings in their final form from our suppliers or repackages products at our facility. In general, with the approval of our suppliers, we buy engine oils, hydraulics and gear oil in bulk and repackage them, while industrial oils, greases and synthetics are factory packaged. This results in versatility and savings that we can pass along to you. Grade A Petroleum's operations have received "Top Tier " Certification from Phillips66, Repackaging Authority from Shell including some highly specialized synthetics, storage and handling of extremely critical zinc-free lubricants, and storage/handling/operating approvals from Underwriter's Laboratory.

It's About Services

From our principal location in Valley Stream, New York, we can supply customers in bulk, tote, drum, pail or case packaging. We also furnish, install, and service lubricant dispensing equipment. Special, time-sensitive, or small order deliveries are also available through UPS, FedEx, private delivery services, or if out of state, directly by our vendors.

90 East Hawthorne Avenue, Valley Stream, New York 11580
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