BlueDEF Safety & Usage

BlueDEF Handling & Storage

The shelf life of DEF is directly related to the temperature at which it is stored. Storage temperature between 12º and 90º F are recommended to maintain optimal shelf life of up to two years. If BlueDEF freezes, its efficacy will not be effected upon thawing.

To maintain the purity of DEF and not harm the SCR Catalyst System care must be taken regarding the material of construction for all items that come in contact with the DEF solution. Included from the ISO-22241-1 standards are the recommended and not recommended materials for contact with DEF.

Do's & Don't for Proper Use of BlueDEF

  • Do fill DEF in designated DEF Tank
  • Do keep DEF dispense equipment clean, and free from dust or dirt
  • Do use only dedicated DEF equipment when handling/dispensing DEF
  • Do not fill DEF into Diesel fuel tank
  • Do not fill Diesel fuel into DEF tank
  • Do not add water to DEF

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