Poly Tote Dispense Coupler


Poly Tote Dispense Coupler. Allows hose connections to 3/4″ Hose BARB Outlet which attaches to the suction side of pump hose. Used to connect to container valve for closed system dispensing. This is a self venting coupler and allows atmospheric air into the container Cross Compatible with Stainless Steel Valves.



The Poly Tote Dispense Coupler allows for easy and quick connection of your hose to the 3/4″ Hose BARB Outlet, which attaches to the suction side of the pump hose. The connectors are made of high-strength polypropylene with a barb that grips the tubing. These couplings allow drum pump tubes to remain in place until the tote is empty while allowing the pump to be connected and removed as needed. They’re often used on containers of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) to maintain the purity of the fluid. The unique design of the coupling allows for easy connection and disconnection even under pressure.

This self-venting coupling capability prevents the build-up of pressure in the tank, making it ideal for use with pressurized systems, and means that there’s no need worry about atmospheric air getting inside the container. Additionally, the self-venting coupler is designed to release pressure if the tank is overfilled, ensuring that no liquid is spilled. This self-venting feature minimizes mess, while the quick-connect design makes it easy to switch between different types of containers.

The Poly Tote Dispense Coupler is designed for dispensing Diesel Exhaust Fluid, providing you the integrity you need and meeting the tough standards of ISO 22241. It has been master-crafted for use with the BlueDEF Stainless Steel valves, one of the most durable types due their ability to withstand extreme temperatures without rusting or warping even when exposed continuously, or Poly 4-Pin Valve Totes. Ruggedly manufactured with durable Stainless Steel, this Tote Dispense Coupler is expertly constructed from ISO-22241.

The Poly Tote Dispense Coupler is an essential tool for any professional to have in their equipment arsenal. Whether looking for a pump or a complete dispensing system, the BlueDEF equipment program has everything you need to store and dispense your BlueDEF Diesel Exhaust Fluid.